Accreditation Fee Schedule

The INA is a largely volunteer organization that was established to provide certification accreditation to small and mid-sized certification programs at an affordable cost. Our fees are designed to be as low as possible while still providing enough revenue to maintain a bare-bones administrative infrastructure.

Initial Accreditation Fees include:

  • ________ One-Time Application Fee
  • __________ On-Site Assessment Fee
  • _______ Annual Membership Fee

An application fee of ________ is required before your paperwork will be evaluated.  Once the application process is completed and accepted, then a site visit will be scheduled.  There is a _________ site visit fee (plus travel expenses for two assessors).  An annual membership fee of _______ is also payable during the application process.

On-Going Accreditation Costs:

    • _______ INA Annual Membership
    • ________ Surveillance Evaluation (required during the third year of accreditation or if program changes substantially)

To join or apply, contact us and we can discuss the process further and let you know how to submit payment.